Remodelling of the Area

Over a number of years, we have been working closely with Natural England and the Natural History Museum to protect and record ecology and paleontological features respectively.

Under licence with Natural England we have undertaken a programme of capture and translocation of amphibians on site. We have created eight specially designed new ponds providing a safe and thriving habitat for the amphibians to flourish away from the residential part of the site. This area will be extended following the site re-grade and establishment of the residential development platform with the creation of a further 17 ponds of varying shapes and sizes. Each pond is being planted with appropriate aquatic and marginal plants to encourage, enhance and support on-site habitat and biodiversity. Pathways will be created through this environment as part of the development allowing residents of Kings Weald and those of the surrounding area access to what will be a community park including the wildlife and nature reserve.

The redevelopment of this brownfield site, including the clay extraction pit, requires the levels on the site to be re-graded to generate a suitable and stable development platform. Part of this process has necessitated the removal of trees and vegetation, many of which were self seeded, from areas of the site affected. Whilst this may be of concern to some of our neighbours, it is necessary and it is our intention to replant boundary screening as soon as the site re-grade has been completed.


After many years of clay extraction from the site, the clay pit area resembles a lunar landscape with undulating ground and a number of large, crater like holes. In order to create a suitable development platform, a large scale earthmoving and re-grade exercise will be undertaken within the pit. Initial preparation works are currently being undertaken with the removal of vegetative matter and some earth moving. Activity will increase significantly in June and throughout the summer as our civil engineering contractors, Hydrock, commence the earthmoving and re-grade exercise.


Demolition of the Keymer Tiles factory building commenced in mid April by our contractors Hydrock, with the process expected to take around 14 weeks. Initial works have included the removal of asbestos from within the building structure. This removal process has been undertaken by specialised and fully licensed operators, with the works and methodologies complying with industry best practice and Health and Safety legislation.

Over the next few weeks the framed factory buildings will gradually come down and the ground floor concrete slabs broken out. This will be followed by the remediation (cleaning up) of the ground, which is necessary following the sites previous industrial use.

Building New Homes

Having secured the approval of the reserved matters, it is our intention to commence building new homes from 1st August 2015. The first of these new homes will be marketed from a sales complex on site in the second quarter of 2016. Anyone wishing to register an interest in a new home on the development should contact kingsweald@croudacehomes.co.uk.

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